Facebook in 2015: What’s There for Lawyers

Facebook for Lawyers in 2015

2015 will be the year when savvy lawyers are going to get the best return on investment (ROI) from their Facebook marketing efforts. Facebook announced a string of changes for 2015, most meant to make the company more transparent on how it handles users’ data and give users more privacy control. In light of the new changes, here are a few things lawyers should know.

Facebook for Lawyers in 2015

Facebook Advertising
Facebook now allows users to filter the ads displayed on their timelines through a new tool called “Privacy Basics”. Therefore, to reach the right prospects and at the least cost, lawyers will have to laser-target their Facebook campaigns.Facebook ad of Signature Bail Bonds

Law Firm Location
Facebook is improving its location services. One of the features being tested is the ability of users to see friends that are nearby. Still on location, users can also search for businesses near them. Lawyers should ensure their online business profiles are up to date. The hours of operations should be indicated and accurate contact information provided.Signature Bail Bonds Location on facebook

Facebook Posts
Facebook took a number of measures to minimize the visibility of low quality posts on users’ timelines. Attorneys with a presence on Facebook should focus on creating meaningful connections with their audience through posting engaging content. The content should be relevant, educative, entertaining and posted at times when majority of the audience is the social network.Facebook post of Signature Bail Bonds

Trending Topics
Facebook has also started showing users more trending topics on their timeline. This is the social network’s effort to ensure it provides relevant content to users. Lawyers should be in the know of what is happening on the news and be able to adapt it to their Facebook audiences. Providing legal insight on trending events is a good way to create relevant content for your practice’s Facebook fans.Trending topics on facebook

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