Why Texting While Driving Can Land You In Deep Peril

As mobile phones have become ubiquitous, most people, particularly the teenagers, don’t think twice when they text while driving. This is a worrisome and dangerous trend, as it exponentially raises the risk of an accident while being on the road. A new study has revealed that texting while driving is the number killer of teenagers, surpassing drinking and driving. Worse still, most teens have a rather carefree attitude towards texting while driving as statistics reveal they feel confident that they can drive safely while texting. The reality is quite the opposite: teenagers who text, spend nearly 10 percent of their driving time partially or completely outside of their lanes. Even adult drivers, including teenagers’ parents, are equally to blame as they too admitted to texting while driving while the kids were in the car. More and more states are now passing laws against texting while driving. While that alone is not going to be sufficient, counseling sessions with students in the schools on the serious consequences of texting while driving, strict imposition of penalties by law enforcement agencies to check this malaise, and lastly, persuasions and vigilance by families to keep track of their kids who have a driving license by installing drivecams in their car can help prevent a tragedy from occurring.

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