Top 5 Reasons Why Bail Is Allowed

Bail has been part of the justice system for centuries. Some people believe bail is too lenient for criminals, but there are practical reasons that bail exists. No, it isn’t just to create a job for a bail bonds agent.Call Us for Bail Bonds

  1. Jail Population
    Allowing bail for those who will show up to face the consequences of their crimes allows space in already over-crowded jails to be saved for violent criminals who may pose a further danger to society.

  2. Possible Innocence
    After investigations, an accused criminal may be acquitted or charges will be dropped. By allowing bail, these people do not find their homes and jobs turned upside down for no reason, as they would had they spent time in jail waiting on a decision.

  3. Due Process
    A person is considered innocent until proven guilty. By allowing bail, they are given some benefit of the doubt as to their innocence and not held what could be considered too long.

  4. Minor Crimes
    Some crimes are not only minor, but unlikely to be repeated. By allowing bail, the individual is given an opportunity to redeem himself and live a normal life from that point on. This keeps families together and allows for jails to serve their purpose of keeping violent prisoners off the streets.

  5. Equality
    If bail wasn’t a regulated part of the justice system, families with money might be able to pay for their criminal family members to be released, while those without money would be forced to wait the time out locked up. By having a system in place, being released until found guilty is more equal.

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