Traveling Restrictions While Out On Bail

Did you know that if you’re a defendant out on bail from a court case, you are allowed to travel? As long as a judge has not ordered restrictions for you, and you still meet your court dates, you may travel if you choose to. Here are more details on traveling while you are working with a bail bond agency.

Traveling Restrictions While Out On Bail

Loss of Travel Rights
You may lose your travel rights if a judge believes that you are a flight risk. It usually comes down to the severity of the crime and the criminal history of the defendant. When a string of evidence suggests that a suspect will flee the country to avoid prosecution, the court will likely block the defendant from traveling. The court may allow travel with certain restrictions, depending on location and distance.

Travel Conditions
All bail bond defendants must be on good behavior when they travel, and there’s a strong chance they will be monitored by police during that period. It is imperative to remember to stay out of trouble and return in time for your court date. You will probably not face restrictions for low-level cases, since the courts are too backed up with higher-level cases to make time for hearings about travel.

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Leaving the Country
As long as the court does not consider you to be a flight risk, there are no specific travel restrictions to worry about. You may need to meet requirements for meeting with your bail bond agent, and in some instances, a probation officer. When restrictions affect your case, your attorney may request permission to travel from the judgeon your behalf.

Travel Restrictions Depending on the Charges
Travel restrictions may vary according to the type of crime you are arrested for. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you are free to travel throughout the U.S. but for felony charges, you have to face some travel restrictions. You are required to remain within the jurisdiction of the state where your case is pending. If you are on bail for a minor crime, you can enjoy a little freedom in traveling while being accused of a serious crime, you may not have an easy time traveling.

Consequences of Violating Travel Restrictions
It’s essential to understand the travel restrictions as violating those restrictions can result in serious consequences. If you violate any travel restrictions before your trail, you may be taken into the custody or required to remain into the jail until your trail occurs. Review the court restrictions or your bail order carefully to avoid violating travel restrictions and save yourself from harsh consequences.

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