The Various Bail Stages If You Are Involved In a Criminal Case

Although many minor felonies don’t require a court appearance, criminal cases will often require someone to post bail for you if you don’t have the money yourself. This can be distressing, so demystifying the process of obtaining bail bonds in Orange County, and the bail stages you go through in a criminal case can do much to help you or other family members get through the process.

Bail Stages In Criminal Case

Minor crimes – bail is often a set amount, and you could be released from custody within hours of the money being received.

When it’s more serious – however, for violent crimes, or for habitual offenders, the bail amount might need the attention of a judge, in which case you may find yourself held in custody until the next available court date. The assumption may be that you might not appear at court, so bail is likely to be high.

Bail bonds – in these cases, you’ll need the help of the bail bondsman. When buying bail bonds in Orange County or anywhere else, the bondsman will generally ask for a fee of around 10% of the bail amount to be paid to him. Unlike posting bail yourself, the bondsman will keep this for his services rather than returning the money to you.

Of good character – it’s a rather antiquated phrase, but if you are a first-time offender, or otherwise a pillar of the community, you may be released on your own recognizance; effectively, your word is your bond that you will attend court.

Go to court – failure to appear will mean a warrant is immediately issued for your arrest, and if you paid a bail bondsman, a bounty hunter will be sent to collect you. The financial consequences are also dire, as your bail money will not be returned to you, friends, or family.

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