What Are the Steps to Get a Criminal Case Bail?

Once you have been arrested, there are a number of things that must occur before you are cleared for release.

Let’s review some things that happen after you have been charged with a crime:arrested

Depending on the crime, such as misdemeanor, possession charges, or speeding violations, you may only be issued a small fine and a date to show up in court, if you choose to appeal. In some cases, you may not need to appear in court at all if you pay the citation. Late payment of the amount generally incurs additional fees.

Setting and making bail
If you are placed under arrest and booked into a correctional facility, your first order of business will be to find out how much money you need to get out. For minor violations, the amount owed is relatively standard across the board. Either you pay it or someone else comes to the jail and posts bail on your behalf.

Bail may be determined by a judge
You may be arrested for a major offense, such as drunk driving or a violent crime, for which a judge must determine the amount of your bail. Typically, the bail amount is correlated to the severity of the crime for which you are being charged. The worse the offense, the higher is the bail price.

Buying a bail bond
If you lack the funds to pay your bail in full, you can petition a bail bondsman to do it for you. You can purchase a bail bond from the bail bondsman, who typically takes a 10% fee. Typically, you need to put up some sort of collateral to convince a bondsman that you won’t skip town.

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