What Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

It’s a matter of serious concern if someone whom you bailed out skips the court date. It is very likely that a new warrant will be issued for his arrest and there will be slim chances for him getting a bail again. Apart from this, the person who paid for the bond will have to pay the entire amount as penalty.

Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

If you are the person who is signing the bail bond contract for your relative or friend, you should carefully examine each and every aspect of it. The contract you sign is a legally binding document and if you sign it, you become an indemnitor. It simply means you are responsible to the court and the bail bondsman.

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There have been many instances where people have skipped the court date and turned to their relatives and friends for help. Helping someone who has skipped a bail is a crime. It is not a simple favor someone is asking for, it’s a crime which can land you in prison.

If you have paid for the bond and that person ends up skipping the court date, here’s what you can do:

Don’t Stay with Them

Do not stay with those acquaintances/friends/relatives who have skipped the bail. Do even communicate with them. If you do so, you might be questioned for this.

Talk to the Bail Bond Agency

Talk to the bailsman whose service you have taken to get that person out on bail. Explain your situation so that the bondsman will understand that you are not connected to the person who has fled. If you have any idea about that person’s whereabouts, let the bail bond agency know about it.

You should know the person well enough before you sign the bail contract to ensure that you do not go through these hassles.

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