What to Do If Your Family Member is Arrested on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time that most people look forward to spending with their families, friends and loved ones. When things go wrong, however, some people may end up getting arrested during this otherwise peaceful holiday.

Family Member is Arrested on Thanksgiving

When you’ve got a family member that was arrested on Thanksgiving it can shatter your day and the holiday season. However, acting quickly can help your family get back to normal and help the person who was arrested.

Use this guide to learn more about what to do if you have a family member that is arrested on Thanksgiving:

Keep a Cool Head
When a family member gets arrested on Thanksgiving, it can be hard to imagine how you’ll get through the holiday season. Not panicking is an important first step, however.

The fact is that you need to help your loved one get out of jail, so they can return to the family. From there, you can help them work out any issues they may have and charges they may face in the future. Keep cool and get your family member home.

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Gather Information
If someone you love gets arrested on Thanksgiving, try to gather all the information about the arrest-where and when they were arrested, and what charges they were charged with. This will help your bail bond company to act quickly so that your loved one is with you on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Help Them Get Out of Jail Fast
If someone is arrested during the Thanksgiving week, they might not be able to go to the court until Tuesday. This will put them at a greater risk. So it’s important to help them come out of jail as quickly as possible.

Arrange a Bond
Keeping a cool head is important when a family member is arrested around Thanksgiving. You also need to act fairly quickly to get that family member out of jail though. To do that, you’ll need to arrange a bail bond.

Finding a company that offers bail bonds in your area should be relatively easy. While it might be more difficult around the holidays, many bail bonds companies remain open. Just make sure you hire a trusted bond company to get your loved one out of jail.

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Some bonds can even be purchased through e-mail without you going to a bail bond facility in person. For many people over the holiday season, this is an ideal option during a busy, stressful time.

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