Why Law School Graduates Are Facing Employment Trouble

Based on a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, there are several reasons for the fact that Law School graduates are facing difficulty in being employed as full time attorneys. The following list will explain those reasons.

Employment for Law School Students

  1. The use of computers has lessened the need for lawyers, with respect to legal research. It has become easier, and quicker, for legal research to be done using the internet.
  2. Many corporations are doing legal research in house, by using online services. These online services have greatly reduced the need to access law libraries.
  3. Software has speeded up the information recovery process, especially with regard to discovery.
  4. There are many companies who use their websites to offer online legal documents. These companies also provide help in filling these documents out. They are much less expensive than hiring an actual attorney.

Based on the LA Times article, it seems fairly obvious that this is an issue involving technology. Technology tends to create new forms of employment, even as it renders other older forms of employment somewhat obsolete.

However, there are other answers to this question. One fairly simple answer is that, at this time in our history, it is common for most people to experience difficulty in finding employment. We have been, and still are, experiencing a serious economic contraction. Jobs of all kinds have become scarcer.

Another factor to consider is the current hiring freeze within the Federal Government. Federal agencies have long been the platform for newly minted attorneys to learn the craft of being a good lawyer. It becomes very difficult for new graduates to learn the needed skills as attorneys without the benefit of entry level Federal jobs. The same hiring freezes are also impacting legal hiring at the state and county level.

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